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In Dorothys Words

' In Dorothy's Words ' is a docu-fiction I made in 2018 using footage from SWFTA. The footage used from SWFTA is of the Plymouth Pram Race that took place in 1923 around Devonport in Plymouth. 

I thought the archived piece was unique & interesting, but I wanted to explore how easily fake news can spread around the internet, especially through social media. The Plymouth Pram race was real however Dorothy is not. She was a character I created based on the footage.

After posting it onto facebook it quickly accumulated over 3,000 views, with local news channels sharing and commenting. Within 72 hours, I announced it was fake before it went too far.

This docu-fiction was created as part of my university studies into the reality within documentary film making. The lines between fact and fiction are often blurred and I wanted to explore that.

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