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Jenny & Tonys Wine Tours

Jenny & Tonys Wine Tours, is a documentary film I made using my grandparents old super 8 footage. I have very found memories of my grandparents sitting and telling me stories. One of their favourite topics to reminisce was their time running wine tours.


They used to run coach tours all around Europe where they would take their friends from the Plympton Wine Circle. After coming across a box full of their old super 8 footage that hadn't been touched in years, I decided to make a film about them.


I secretly recorded a conversation between myself and my grandparents and asked them about the win tours (I knew there was wine tour footage on the super 8 reels because of the old stickers that my grandad has stuck on for example 'wine tour to Switzerland 1979')

After spending an hour chatting to them and recording them in secret, capturing their memories as purely as I could, I then went to digitise the footage. A risk that paid off - for I didn't know the exact content of the reels, but as I digitised the footage I saw the memories and stories I've heard so much about come to life. From this I editied together 'Jenny & Tonys Wine Tours'.


This film gives me a warm sense of nostalgia, and I hope that anyone watching feels this too.

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