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Hi, I'm Alice, nice to meet you

I'm a film making creative director based in Plymouth, Devon. Working on various projects offering videography, and content creation services as well as managing my business The Social Media Cloud where I help businesses manage their social media channels and creative content as well as offering marketing solutions.

I love to stay busy and productive as I find I'm always happier this way, so when I'm not working on a new production or with clients you'll find me working on my own projects.

I've always been very nostalgic, forever enjoying searching through old shoe boxes full of photographs. In 2018 I bought my first super 8 camera, after finding and digitising my grandparents old super 8 footage. I was captivated by the way the film was so imperfectly perfect. 


This led me to start capturing my own memories and journeys so that I can look back and create more of that nostalgic feeling I enjoy so much. 

I'm always up for collaborating and working on different projects - so if you're looking for a creative director to be a part of a production, drop me a e-mail.

Thank you for taking the time to read my website, I hope you enjoy my productions and projects.

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